Kaladan is a large world with eight separate continents divided by shallow seas. It orbits two stars, and has a single moon. A ninth continent, now known as Ix, was recently rediscovered by the inhabitants of the well-charted and highly organized eight.

It is very much like Earth in its generally temperate climate and varied environments.



A lush island chain connected by intricately crafted bridges and tunnels. Primarily inhabited by elves and gnomes, with a small population of humans integrated within the elven society.


Mountainous and cold, Brouge is inhabited by the hardiest of humans and worked by dwarves. Giants dwell in the higher peaks and passes.


The most developed and urbanized of the eight, Corinn is home to mostly humans with a scattering of each race brought in for trade. Its central location and temperate climate have allowed for inland farms to support the enormous port cities that line its coasts.


A land of dragons and dragonkin, Dext holds the title of largest continent. Spanning from the equator and nearing the north pole at its farthest reach.


The forests and fields of Gendar bear the fruits and grains of halfling and human farmers alike. Together they make the heartiest and most flavorful foods in the world.


Where Brouge brings cold, Harkon brings heat. Volcanic and fiery, Harkon provides gems and precious metals to only the bravest and most foolhardy dwarves. This richness has made it target to many attacks and raids by draconians and pirates.


Previously enveloped by unnatural storms, this ancient unexplored continent is ripe with adventure. A brave company of adventurers have laid claim to it and established the port city Ix, where all who wish to explore and take in this previously unseen world must begin their journey.

Jet and Ulm

The twin isles boast the largest libraries and greatest university in the world. Training the greatest wizards and scholars. It is also the central hub of the Great Gates.


A stinking land of swamps and rainforest. Mostly inhabited by violent clans of orcs and goblins. Their constant squabbles are readily apparent in the chaotic environment and ruins that dot the landscape.


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